Festival für regionale Impulse Eisenerz

16. - 18.8.18



@ Knackstube

Jabok live (disko404/Wien)

The Artist formerly known as any maniac, joined the Disko with his very first 404 gig back in 2005 at the Postgarage club in Graz. Breakcore and Jungle used to be his weapon of choice but time passes and Jabok’s taste changes. Jabok looks for new registers and flows. After years bowed out from stages, he is beginning a come back motivated by his latest projects for dance and theatre pieces.

So long….so short… jetzt bin ich dort


Franjazzco (disko404/Wien)

As he tends to keep things low and is not too keen on any sort of hype shit, you might not have recognized him yet – though, Franjazzco (formerly known as Franz „Jazzin“ Otto) has definitely been one of the most passionate and enthusiastic players in Vienna’s underground dance music scene within the last decade.

While doing his thing on the ones and twos since way back in 1995. the past has also seen him as event promoter, radio host, editor and recently especially as a producer. Whilst Franjazzco covers a wide range of musical genres as a DJ, ranging from Jazz, Funk and Hip Hop to House, Techno and various styles of Bass music, he’s mostly dedicating his productions to Chicago’s sound of Juke and Footwork.


Simon/off /// Sun People (disko404, SUB FM/Graz)

Over the last years Simon’s music enjoyed support by leading artist like Machinedrum, Addison Groove, Scratcha DVA, Distance, Distal, Brackles and many more.

His intoxicating live-shows and genre bending DJ-Sets have already fascinated audiences all across Europe, including festivals like Dimensions (CRO), Tundra (LIT) and Elevate (AT).

In 2011 he started a side-project called Sun People where he deploys 160ish material with references to 90s Jungle, Juke/Footwork and so-called IDM (remember?)

He knows how to create a groove stinking of fun, funk and arhmosphere. (DJ Magazine)
The use of percussion is as interesting as anything the Hessle lot put together (DJ Mag)
Das ist ebenso deep wie magisch und klingt so lässig nach nichts anderem (de:Bug)
Excellent techy electronics & breakbeats infected leftfield dubstep (Hardwax)
For fans of Hessle Audio, 4 Hero and the Mindset crew (Boomkat)

doze (disko404, SUB FM/Graz)

“A doze is someone who is quite forgetful, says odd things, or looks very confused”, says the urban dictionary.

Others say, that doze is about unexpected, unusual, juvenile deepness paired with this feeling for the one moment, diggin’ out suitable records for the eclectic crowds, always looking from the bright side of life to the dark side of the tune, making sure to keep their witnesses fitness by devoting their DJ-sets to the joy and fun of dancing. But mostly it´s about playing music. Just don’t expect anything!

“The stone rooms of Elevate go on to amplify several of the bassier sets at the festival, including the beguiling set from fantastic Graz duo doze. These two wield bass like a blunt instrument, blowing the heads off the surviving punters early on Saturday, before blending abstract drones into beatier snatches of techno and surreal moments of pure collage, taking in samples from every inch of the globe. It’s psychedelic, like Demdike Stare’s uncategorizable clatter, and dissolves the barrier between DJ and live set. At one point the PA throbs so menacingly with bass, I’m forced to break a long-term personal tradition and whack some earplugs in.”
(Tristan Bath / The Quietus)


B.L.O. (disko404/Graz)

in the heat of the night, there is only one goal… lets dance or at least try.

finna (disko404/Graz)

Originally emerged out of the infinite spirit of Jungle back in the ninetees, his hunger for fresh sounds is hard to feed.

He is more the type of guy acting in the background, not too keen on demanding attention. This leaves him space to focus on the essential.

His fresh sets combine forward thinking Jungle, House, Juke, Bass, Jazz, Calypso, Latin & everything related to future sounds. Nothing makes him more happy than playing back-2-back dj-sets. You never know whats comin in next…

delivering high quality music since 2001 🙂