Festival für regionale Impulse Eisenerz

16. - 18.8.18

Jazza Electrosacher


He is a DJ, he is what he plays! So why are you reading a bio? Press play!
Former member of Electrosacher, collective of djs/producers/incendiaries since 1999, Jazza takes care of the soundtrack and the sound spaces of International Talent Support – www.itsweb.org.
Founder of Ohm Records, that produced tracks with the Beat Generation poet Jack Hirshman and by Robert Babicz, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Markus Kienzl, Erik Sumo, Panoptikum, Eddy Ramich, and many others.
Art direction of Electroblog, international festival of electronic music and digital culture of Trieste till 2014.
Currently running a new club night @ Tetris Club, that hosted Leo Mas, Balearic Gabba Soundsystem & Marc Troit since march 2015.
There would be many other stories to tell about 20 years of: independent labels, Austrian dealers, record shops, festivals, squats, spaces, pastisseries, museums, movies, fashion, friends, artists, poets, djs, duty, travels, twinnings, adventures, challenges between sounds & visions!